About Us

About B.C. Tech

Bharatiya Computer Technology (B.C. Tech) Institute is founded in 2004 with the mission of providing best quality Computer education to all class of people in a very reasonable fee structure. Above 5 thousands of students have already trained professionally and made their successful career in the past ten years. Over the past few years the growth of the computer industry has been quite remarkable and today it is the fastest growing industry, Not just the students or housewives, even experienced professional are helped greatly by upgrading themselves in B.C.Tech Computer Education Institute.Our organization not only provides the platform to build up the bright professional career in computer field but also provides the placement opportunities in reputed companies. As Computer knowledge has become primary requirement for everyone, our Institute provides best Quality Computer Education in most reasonable fee structure to all class of people. Our motive is to make all class of people Computer literate and take all possible advantages to make their future much brighter.

Our Mission & Vision

The Computer Class instead of emphasizing on having more branches of knowledge is concerned more about the roots the human values that lead to sublimity, tolerance and refinement. It aims at revitalizing the lofty ideals of Indian culture as well as developing an open mindedness leading to ' ever - widening thought and action ' in the young children. The students are expected to achieve distinction through what they do rather than who they are or who their parents are. We provides the most modern educational aids and techniques through the latest audio-visual equipment but at the same time inculcates the Indian culture ethos amongst its students. Hence its motto "Vidya Dadati Vinayam"


  • Education is an investment of a lifetime. Childs Education is very important
  • School Teachers cater to a group of students and are not individual
  • There is at home convenience, daily monitoring and better results
  • Parents are finding less time to tutor children
  • An experienced Home Tutor easily meets the students educational needs

Why Tuitions

  • You are looking for a Personal Mentor for your child
  • You believe your childs results will improve with one-one tutoring
  • You are a busy parent and need a Tutor to teach your kids
  • Your child is comfortable joining tuition centers and needs Individual guidance
  • Your child has little time and many subjects to handle